Assemble designer Louise Tracey

At Assemble we make stylish, ethical, handmade clothes for you. We believe fashion isn’t a fleeting fad: your clothes should be well made and long lasting. We make clothes for living in... you have room to move and play in our clothes, so you don’t need to fuss, you can just pop them on and get out there to do your thing.

Each item in an Assemble collection is handmade and ‘limited edition’. We make a maximum of 5 of anything in any particular size or fabric. When we launch a collection we make all of the stock available at once and when they’re gone, they’re gone... so we really mean it when we say you will have a limited edition piece!

Our designer Louise Tracey imagines, designs, drafts, cuts and sews every piece using a mixture of modern and traditional dressmaking and tailoring techniques. Louise loves to mix modern shapes with classic fabrics to create timeless pieces and we are excited to send them out into the world to find a new home in your wardrobe.

Every Assemble piece is handmade in Ireland, using fabric sourced with sustainability and fair working conditions in mind. You can be assured that your new Assemble item has been put together with care and we hope you will love it and wear it for years to come.

We may repeat styles in new fabrics or, depending on availability, we may reuse a fabric for a different style in future collections. So if you miss out on a particular style, or want more of something you fell in love with, stay in touch with us and keep an eye on our future collections.